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Kids in Church


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“We’ve got to realize the ideas that most effectively shape a culture are not necessarily those that are argued, but those that are embodied. They capture the heart and mind because they capture the imagination.”

-John Stonestreet

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Engaging kids, whether in small classes or large room rallies, is the goal every weekend.  For a little over an hour, there is no competing with phones, TV, or soccer practice.  You have their attention, but do you have their minds?  You have a captive audience, but do you have their hearts?  


CMWorship makes it possible for worship to be a group activity where everyone contributes!  Every voice, every movement combines in creating your church’s own unique expression of God’s story. We named the company CMWorship because we know how important it is to engage kids on their level, with vocals that encourage them to use their own voice, lyrics that speak into their lives, interactive elements to keep their focus on Christ, and motions to instill it within their hearts.


Welcome to a whole new way of children's worship. Welcome to CMWorship.  


We intentionally put the apostrophe in “Children’s” because everything we make is made for, and belongs to, Kids!  They absorb, process, and experience life in their own unique way.  And at CMW, we engage them in their world, sing their songs, play their games, speak their language.  They will be grown ups later, but for now, we want to celebrate their wonder & imagination.  So as adults, the picture will be clearly painted in their hearts when they hear Jesus say “receive the kingdom like little children.”  


Nobody can make it alone.  Paul says, “How can we know unless we’ve been taught? And how can we learn without a teacher?”  Kids want to know, they want to explore.  But they need a guide; someone to lead them on their adventure.  Paul also said, “You know these things are true because you know those who taught it.”  Your staff and volunteers have the privilege of fostering curiosity & reason. 

CMW gives you the systems and tools to create a fun, playful environment that sparks curiosity to learn more about God’s amazing story! 


CMW helps unlock imagination, creativity and fun in your group’s worship time.  Regardless of whether your group is big or small, Jesus is ready for “2 or more” as well as 5000!  The point of gathering is being together! 

We want to learn the value of blending our individual voices together and making one, unified expression recognizing God “for Who He Is, and what He’s done”!  Building a foundation for worship that translates through all the different seasons of our lives. 

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Keith Melius

Co-Founder, Music Director

In over 30 years of Arranging, Producing, and Recording, Keith has worked in such diverse environments as deep rural East Texas through suburban Brentwood, TN, in churches ranging from 100-10,000 per weekend and everything in between.  

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Charley Talley

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Originally from the mountains of East Tennessee, Charley received two Bachelor of Music Degrees from Middle Tennessee State University and went on to establish, lead, and direct thriving Kids Choir and Teen Choir ministries with participation of up to 300 students and 100 volunteers. 

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Johnny Rogers

Childrens Pastor
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Miss PattyCake

PreK Worship Leader
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Vocals, Hand Motions, Word Perfects
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Vocals, Hand Motions
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Hand Motions
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