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Thank You, Mommy


A Three Song Collection

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Product Overview

Name: Thank You, Mommy



On this very special Mother's Day, say "Thank You, Mommy" for everything she does with these fun and upbeat new songs and scripts from Cindy Statham and Jean Thomason (also known as Miss PattyCake). This three song set includes the witty and upbeat "I Love Her 'Cause She's My Mom," followed by the title song "Thank You, Mommy," and the precious lullaby "The Blessing."

Run Time: approx. 15:00 mins

Themes: Mother's Day

Roles: 4 Child Speaking Parts, 1 Adult Solo, 2 Optional Kid Solos

Listening Track and Song List:

I Love Her Cause Shes My Mom (Full)

Sample Script: Flipbook Script Preview

Thank You, Mommy (Full)
The Blessing, Lullaby (Full)

Product Options:


  • Downloadable Script/Vocal (2 Script Options)

  • Downloadable Tracks (Includes Full, Split, Performance, and Instrumental)

  • Downloadable Hand Motion Videos

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